Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Crushing at Kandavar

If you haven't been following the Facebook page, you might have missed out on the Crushing at Kandavar campaign we've been running. But worry not humble reader, we have all the narrative and pics you could want to get caught up and stuck in.

The event is being run by Ryan "The Selsword" via the A-Z Gaming Club. So far we have finished 2 events and the third is coming up soon. Ryan lays down the scene for this epic story in his first post "Kandavar Campaign".

Then we move right in to our introduction to the Tau conflict with "Destiny of the Greater Good". The full story of the Tau fight for Tanacus can be read in this wrapup post "The Fires on Tanacus".

More Pics after the Jump

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wargamers in Japan + Independent Tournament Circuit

In order to bring you the most bang for your buck for our events, Wargamers in Japan has teamed up with the guys from Frontline Gaming and joined the Independent Tournament Circuit.

What is the ITC? click here to find out: Independent Tournament Circuit

This new change will apply to both Tournament style events that we hold starting in 2015.

First up is "Bash in the New Year" which will be held Martin Luthor King Jr. Day weekend  on January 17th.

Following that will be "Save versus Summer" to be held on 4th of July weekend.

Stay tuned here for more information on these events as we ramp up for them in the future.