Table Top Wargaming & RPG

Club Name: Table Top War Gaming (TTWG)

Club Location: Schilling Community Center on Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan.

Focus: Teaching new players how to play and controlling an overall fun and friendly gaming environment.

Structure: All open play from 10am to 7pm Saturdays.

Games played most often: Warhammer 40k, Dreadball, Magic the Gathering, Star Wars: X-wing, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine/Hordes, The Relic Board Game

Special Considerations: We have an general agreement with the Schilling Community Center to let us play there. We have a cabinet set up in the corner of there back "Kitchen" area. Every Saturday morning, we have to have one person go in early and see if anyone has "Rented" that room out for the day. If not, then we are free to open the doors up and push the tables together and play in there. There is also a large area that connects next to it with a folding type wall. If that room is open, we can have it too. But if it is being used, then we just can't play for the day there.

Point of Contact: William J. Castillo, Cell: 080-4870-8928, will2k_33@hotmail.comFacebook

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