Sunday, May 24, 2015

Brian Schen and PubCon

Wargamers in Japan had a chance to virtually sit down with Brian Schen to talk about games, and the fantastic event he runs, PubCon. These conversations were had over email, and are presented here edited for readability. If you'd like to know more about Brian, or Pubcon, please contact him on Facebook.

WIJ: So Brian, tell us about yourself? Where are you from, what is your gaming background?

Brian: I am from the Ohio and I came to Japan in 2008 on the JET Program. I started gaming when I was very young with my family with the Red Box D&D. I was part of the generation in which all the middle school kids were playing Magic the Gathering. I never grew out of that phase like most of my classmates did. I started going with my dad to the local game store, moving on from card games to miniature games. 

First there was Warzone and Chronopia, and then Warhammer 40k. I still have my Imperial Guard and my Ork army, but I haven't played since I was in high school.
I started gaming in Japan in 2009 with the West Tokyo Wargamers. We played 15mm historicals, and then 20mm World War 2 Blitzkreig Commander. Now that group focuses on 28mm Napoleonics using the Black Powder rules.

While I was playing miniatures with that group, I also would take field trips to find other wargaming groups. I wanted to build relationships and networks within the community. One group I visited was the Tokyo Figure Society (TFS). They are a mostly Japanese group of figure painters, sculptures, collectors etc. I kept up with both of these groups and made a lot of good friends. One of the things I liked about the TFS is that they would meet in a coffee shop, then move to an izakaya and drink, all while discussing the hobby. I always wished that there was a more social aspect to the West Tokyo Wargamers.

The opportunity came to change all that when a friend from TFS told me that the owner of Good Heavens! knew about the miniature wargaming hobby and would be interested in hosting our games days. 

So that's how Pub Con was born.​

Good Heavens! Pub. WIJ Approved vitals and drinks!