Club Name: Pub Con (a Japan International Gamers Guild [JIGG] affiliated event)

Club Location: Good Heavens! Shimo-Kitazawa

東京都世田谷区代沢5-32-5 2F
Tokyo-to Setagaya-ku Daizawa 5-32-5 2nd floor

Focus: Pub Con is a gathering of board gamers, miniature gamers, role players and other hobbyists for a monthly day of gaming, drinks and conversation at a gamer friendly English pub.

Structure: Brian is the organizer and in general will help new people navigate the different clubs that are taking part. We always have multiple clubs represented, but everyone is encouraged to meet new people and try new games. There will be a bench for people to put board games that they allow others to play. If you are interested in playing a board game from there please try to find the owner and check if you can use it at that time. Also there will be blank name cards and markers for you to make your own name card. Before you leave, remember to store the name card at the box we keep permanently at the pub.

The official time frame of Pub Con is 10am until 5pm. There is no fee to use the pub, but please buy a drink and/or lunch while you are there to support the hosts. There will be a deal especially for us: 1000 yen for all you can drink soft drinks and 200 yen off lunch. This event is non-smoking.

Games played most often: Bolt Action 28mm WWII is our standard miniature wargame at the moment. We have many regular miniature players however and are looking forward to play Saga, Black Powder, and a 15mm Rorke's Drift scenerio. We have terrain and 2 wargaming tables stored for us at the pub. Any skirmish size miniature game can be accommodated. As for other games we almost always play: Cash and Guns, The Resistance, Spy Fall, Cards Against Humanity, Dungeons and Dragons, and Lunch Money.

Special Considerations: As for board games, party games work especially well in the presence of food and drink. Bring games for others to play at your own risk. We've had no issues so far, but accidents do happen. As for the lighting, it is a pub so we have to work with what we have, but it is possible to move and arrange the lights so do make sure to ask if you think the table you want to play on is too dark. 

Also the location is not always correctly displayed in Apple or Google maps, so please always read the directions and reference the map provided in the announcement in order to find the right location. 

AFTER 5 pm: The event is official closed, but you can still stay in the pub and play games. However we need to put the pub back to its original set up, which might mean you being asked to finish up a game if it is taking up a lot of space. Please work with Brian so that we can maintain a good relationship with the staff, owner, and pub regulars. 

*You will need to turn in your all-you-can-drink soft drink tickets.

*You will have to buys drinks like you would at a normal pub. Please buy another drink or some food at 5pm if you plan on staying. 

*The pub will be smoking. Please be careful about your board games, miniatures, terrain etc so they don't get smelly! 

Point of Contact: The best way to find out more about Pub Con is to join the JIGG-Tokyo Meetup groupInformation will also be posted on the Wargamers in Japan Facebook page and the JIGG-Kanto Facebook page,

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