A-Z Gaming Club

Club Name: A-Z Gaming Club

Club Location: Atsugi & Zama bases.

Focus: Gaming in all of its forms. Tabletop, card, war, RPG, board, and most others. Members play a wide variety of games and are encouraged to expose others to new games. Organize large gaming events for wider community.

Structure: Formal organization with elected officers and dues paying members. Dues paying members receive votes in club elections and on club issues. Non-dues paying members can participate equally in play and discussions but do not receive votes on club issues or elections.

Games played most often: Warhammer 40k, Necromunda, Judge Dredd, Warmachine, Hoards, Malifaux, and King of Tokyo.

Special Considerations: In order to play at most AZGC events, you must be able to get on to a US Military base. If you do not have the means to do so yourself, you must be signed in by a sponsor. This person will need to meet you at the gate then process your guest pass. This should only take a few minutes, but you will need to have a valid Passport, Alien Registration Card, Kisai Inji Hyo, or Jyuki Netto card. For more information on base entry please visit here.

Point of Contact: You can reach the A-Z Gaming club via the Wargamers in Japan facebook page, or by emailing brandon@brandonbergeron.com


  1. We have a good strong gaming group down here in Okinawa as well. The public group is called Table Top War Gaming - Okinawa. We also have a couple privet groups to include my own. I personally host a "game night" at my house in my kitchen every Friday night down here. I usually have anywhere from 1-15 people over. I've posted pics on my personal website on facebook (Williams Warhammer World). Would love to take a trip up there one weekend and play with ya'll!

    1. Would you be willing to do an interview via email about the groups there? We are trying to get as much info as possible to help as many people find groups and groups find people as we can.

  2. William -- :)
    Get your club(s) listed! And we'd love to have you at one of our game days! Let us know ahead of time!
    Be well ~James

  3. www.greentokage.blogspot.jp

    Gaming Event Information
    If you want to play a miniature game, please join us!

    and do not forget to write that game brings use GMG Talk BBS or email
    you can play:
    Mantic Games
    Flames Of War
    Spartan Games
    Heavy Gear Blitz
    Drop Zone Comander

    and more...

    March 30th (Sunday)9:00am-21:30 2F
    Game day 300yen

    April 27th (Sunday)9:00am-21:30 2F
    Game day 300yen

    Tokyo to nerima ku nukui 1-9-1 
    nakamura chiku kuminkan center
    seibu ikebukuro line
    Nakamurabashi station.

  4. Club Name: Kumagaya French Connection (a.k.a. KFC)

    Club Location: Kumagaya (North Saitama), Higashi-Matsuyama (North Saitama), Tokyo

    Focus: We are doing mostly campaign with all our members.
    We join time to time special event in Kanto Area.

    Structure: No formal organization yet.

    Games played most often: Warhammer 40K, Bushido

    Special Considerations: Actually, there are only French members at the KFC, we all speak English and some of us are fluent in Japanese.

    Point of Contact: You can reach the KFC via the registration page:

    our Website: https://sites.google.com/site/kmg40k/

  5. I need to move back to Japan. Does anyone airbrush there? Or is in contact with some of the professional Japanese airbrush hobbyists?