Monday, April 7, 2014

Dozier Campaign Update: A New Hope

War continues to rock the Dozier system.  The conflict grows unchecked and threatens to spill out to new systems.
On Strausheim, the Cult of the Dark Mechanicum clashed with the warriors of Fenris.  Berserk automatons leapt from rooftop to rooftop to assault Space Wolf defensive positions.  The Wolves counterattacked with fury worthy of their name, but the Mechanicum troopers were too resilient, and eventually established a foothold in the city.  When the Space Wolves failed to root out the Mechanicum, help came from an unlooked for quarter.  The Brotherhood of the Four Armed Emperor struck at the machine.  Despite inflicting heavy losses, not even the massive numbers of the Brotherhood could dent the morale of the Mechanicum constructs.
Meanwhile, on the Celestial Throne, the Blood Angels sought out the viral payload left on the Pax Testudo.  The sons of Sanguinius met resistance in the form of a Word Bearers kill team.  In the opening stages of the battle, the holy Dreadnoughts raged unchecked through the Chaos’ lines.  However, caution returned to them when they witnessed the terrible destructive power of a single Obliterator, laying waste to a number of the battle brothers.  Their momentum checked, the Blood Angels were hit hard by a force of Terminators sporting massive mutations.  Their vorpal claws tore loyalist marines apart, and the recon mission had to be abandoned.
On Janus, a force of Tau was shaken by a brutal attack from the combined might of Chaos Marines and the Daemons of Phobos.  After being routed by the forces of evil, they realized they had been taken in under the mind control of an Eldar witch.  The Tau force launched their own attack upon the witch, disgusted to learn that she still held a cadre of their finest under her thrall.  The firefight was devastating to both sides and both fell back from the battlefield as the coming dawn threatened to consume them all.
Around the system, another strike force of Blood Angels fought the Ghost Knight abominations on the ramparts of the sky fortress.  Ultramarines attempted to purge Chaos filth from the jungles of Lush.  Blood Axe Orks deployed to Strausheim to help secure the capital city.  The more righteous chapters of Space Marines did not approve of this.  Some chose to leave the system, while others were deployed to other battlefields.
As the war crescendoed once again, Inquisitor Malkizadek played his trump card.  On Gio, a massive slab of rock was ejected into the void.  No other change was discernible to the mere mortals who witnessed the event, but every Navigator in the system knew what had happened.  To those with the second sight, golden light flooded the system, illuminating the Empyrean.  The paths through the warp to the Dozier system were open once again and the forces of Destruction are under threat.

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