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Save vs Summer: Warhammer 40K ITC Tournament.

This July 5th 2015, A-Z Gaming Club will host the second Wargamers in Japan event linked with Frontline Gaming's Independent Tournament Circuit (ITC). More info on ITC .
The Event will be held at the Camp Zama Community Club at 1000 am. Registration to begin at 0900am.
There are a total of 32 open slots available for this Tournament
There is a $25 entry fee per participant

Those that live locally can make it to Camp Zama by walking from Odakyu lines Sobudaimae station to the back gate the morning of the event. Map.
You can plan your train schedule here to make your travel plans.

Attendees that are in the military traveling from out of area can make reservations at the Zama Army Lodge
Attendees not in the military can make a reservation at a local hotel. Machida is the largest local area for reservations or Yokohama is also within a 20-30 minute travel. Hotels.

Anyone coming in from out of country should know that not all places in Japan accept American Credit and ATM cards. If you wish to withdrawal money the best place is to do it at the Japanese Post Office or Seven-Eleven (called 7 and I holdings).

All NON-Military are required to bring your Passport or Gaijin Card to gain access to the base. Passport is the best option.

There are a total of 32 open slots available for this Tournament
There is a $25 entry fee for participants

Army List Guidelines for the ITC 2015 40K Season

  • Battle Forged armies, only. No Unbound lists.
  • An army may be built using up to two Detachments.
  • An army may not have a duplicate of any Detachment.
    • Note: This includes “Decurion Style” Detachments which are comprised of multiple data slates and Formations. They may not take duplicate Formations within the Detachment, although they make take duplicate Data Slate units within the Detachment if permitted to do so.
  • An allied Detachment may be the same faction as the Primary Detachment.
  • A Detachment may not be included in an army if it is Come the Apocalypse allies with another Detachment in the army.
  • All current source material is allowed, including GW Codexes, Data Slates, Formations, and current Forge World units and army lists which are listed below. Please note, Experimental and Horus Heresy/30K Forge World units are not allowed.
    • Army lists in Imperial Armor 14: The Siege of Vraks: The Death Korps of Krieg and Renegades of Vraks
    • Army lists in Imperial Armor 13: War Machines of the Lost and the Damned: Renegades and Heretics
  • Reference our Imperial Armor Unit Index for the most recent rules for Forge World units.
  • Regardless of Detachments, no more than 1 Fortification and/or 1 Super Heavy/Gargantuan Lord of War may be taken,  and limited to 25% of the army list (so 462 points).
  • If one player has a Super Heavy/Gargantuan LoW and the other does not, the player without can roll on the Escalation Warlord Table and also earns an extra Maelstrom point for every 3 Hull Points/Wounds dealt to the Super Heavy/Gargantuan Creature LoW.
  • Codex Iyanden: There has been email traffic from GW saying that codex was designed for the 6th edition codex, and not meant for the new 7th edition codex. In my opinion an Iyanden style force could be made with creative detachment/formation utilization from the new 7th edition codex. Any player still wishing to use this codex may do so, but is still bound by all restrictions above, and within the codex itself.  

Tournament Format

  • Reference the ITC FAQ for rules questions.
  • ITC events use a W/L/D format with Swiss pairings.
  • Each mission has 2 Win Conditions worth 4 points each, and 3 Bonus Points as defined in the mission packet. The player that achieves the most points during the course of the game is the winner. Both players note their mission points.
    • In the case of both players having the same amount of mission points, the game is scored as a tie.
  • The winner adds 1,000 to their mission points to determine their total battle score. The loser adds nothing to their mission points. In the case of a tie, both players add 500 points to their mission points to determine their total battle score.
    • Example 1: Player A defeats Player B, 7 mission points to 4. Player A’s total battle score would be 1,007 and player B’s would be 4.
    • Example 2: Player C ties Player D, 5 mission points to 5. Both of their battle scores would be 505.
    • The purpose of adding the points is to stratify the field based on their W/L/D records to allow for easy Swiss pairings. Simply pair players with the highest scores, working your way down. By adding 1,000 and 500, accumulated mission points will never trump a player’s win/loss/draw record.
  • The player with the highest battle score score at the end of the tournament is the tournament champion.

Modeling and Painting

  • In order to be eligible for any prize support, all models in your army must be painted to a 3 color minimum. Primer counts as a color.
  • All models are expected to be WYSIWYG to a reasonable standard. Exceptions will be made for themed units or armies.
    • Using a proxy for a model violates our policy.
    • Using a reasonable substitute to “Counts As” another model, does not violate our policy.
    • If in doubt, send a picture in of a model to ask if it is acceptable.
  • Paint judging is done by TO’s and staff on a 0-11 scale, with 11 being masterclass, 1 being only 3 colors, and a 0 for an army that is not painted to a 3 color minimum. The player with the highest score is the winner. In the case of a tied score, judges present will cast votes to break the tie.


  • Sportsmanship is handled with a Thumb’s Up, Thumbs Down format. We default games to a Thumbs Up from both players.
  • If your opponent was acting in an unsportsmanlike manner, which we define as being verbally abusive, physically aggressive, was more than 15 minutes late for a round, or knowingly cheated on a rule, you are free to give him or her a Thumbs Down on sports. It is not there to express displeasure in a game because you didn’t like your opponent, your opponent’s army, or you had rules debates, etc.
  • A player that receives two or more Thumbs Down on Sportsmanship will be met with administrative action up to and including ejection from the event with no refund of the ticket cost.

Rules Alterations

  • ITC events modify the following rules:
    • With any saving throw of a 2+ that can be rerolled, if the first roll is failed, the reroll is failed on the second roll of a 1,2 or 3.
    • The Invisibility psychic power is altered to read: units shooting at the Invisible unit do so at BS1, and hit it in melee on a 5+.


Mission 1
Mission 2
Mission 3
Mission 4
Mission 5
Mission 6

  • Terrain: Terrain should be defined between players and adjusted before the game begins. There should be a roughly symmetrical distribution of terrain on the table, with 2 line of sight blocking terrain pieces outside of either deployment zone, offset from the center of the table.
  • Fortifications: are all placed using the same guidelines. Fortifications may not be placed within 3″ of a board edge or another piece of terrain. If a Fortification cannot be placed under those guidelines, move a piece of terrain. If it is still not possible to place a Fortification, remove a piece of terrain to make room for it.
    • Exception: Aegis Lines may be placed anywhere on the table disregarding the 3″ rule.
    • Exception: The Skyshield landing pad can be placed closer than 3″ to a table edge, but not another piece of terrain.
  • Bonus Points: Each is worth 1 mission point. PLEASE NOTE: THESE POINTS ARE STILL IN TESTING AND MAY CHANGE.
    • First Blood: Per the book.
    • Linebreaker: Per the book.
    • Slay the Warlord: Per the book.
    • Big Game Hunter: At the end of the game, of all destroyed units, the player that destroyed the unit worth the most points wins this point.
      • Note: Independent Characters count as their own unit, regardless of whether they are in another unit or not.
      • Note: Combat Squads of Marines count as a two units, each worth half the total cost of the unit.
    • First Strike: A player earns this point if they destroy an enemy unit in the first game turn.
      • Note: Bother players can earn this point.
    • Table Quarters: The player with the most Kill Points of units that are more than 50% in a table quarter controls that quarter. The player that controls the most table quarters wins this point.
      • Note: Independent Characters only count as a point for this objective if they are not in a unit.
      • Note: Units in a transport do not count towards this objective unless they are outside of their transport.
    • King of the Hill: The player with the most points worth of units at least partially within 6″ of the center point of the table wins this point.
      • Note: a unit under half of it’s starting value, a monstrous creature below half it’s starting wounds, a vehicle below half its starting Hull Points value, all count for half points, rounding up.
      • Note: this is the old Victory Points system, you count the points you paid for a unit, not Kill Points.
    • Ground Control: Control or contest two or more objectives at the end of the game to achieve this point.

Things you must bring:

  • Your Army
  • Tape Measure, Dice, Game Aids, etc.
  • 3 Objective Markers on 25mm bases, 2 Objective Markers on 40mm bases.
  • 5 Typed Copies of your army list. Be sure to notate who your Warlord is on your army list. (1 for the TO, and up to four for your opponent).
  • All pertinent rules for your army. Codices, White Dwarf Articles, Foregworld Rules, etc.


OF COURSE there will be prizes!!!!!

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