Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fall Apocalypse 2015

Narrative - Ahriman Diviner of Fates has soon into the future for the ultimate passage into the webway to get him closer to the location of the Black Library.
On the Agri-World of Moiratate III a new discovery will lead Ahriman at attack against the Imperial Forces that will be there in the future. This object will only appear every 1188 years, and Ahriman will lay plans for his fight in the future.

Rules -
Ahriman Diviner of Fates - Ahriman has seen if future and knows all threats that will be presented to him in the coming war. Ahriman has a 2++ re-roll able save. Additionally Ahriman may pick all of his spells instead of rolling for them, and knows the Gate of Infinity power in addition to his other powers.

Schemes of Tzeentch:
All units from Codex: Chaos Space Marines can take Mark of Tzeentch for free,  additionally this increases the units invulnerable save by 2 instead. So a unit with no invulnerable save will receive a 5++ with the mark of Tzeentch.

Thousand Sons have their base invulnerable save increased to 3++ from 4++

All units from Codex: Chaos Daemons that are Daemons of Tzeentch have their base invulnerable save increased by one. So all units will be a base 4++

Chaos Forces
Chaos Space Marine
Chaos Daemons
Necrons (view them as  Dark Mechanicum)
Imperial Knights (view them as chaos knights)
Imperial Guard / Chaos Renegades
Skitarii / Cult Mechanicus (view them as  Dark Mechanicum)
Orks (view them as daemons)
Tyranids (view them as daemons)

Forces of Order
Forces of the Imperium
Dark Eldar

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