Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dozier Factions

Today, we unveil the outcomes desired by each faction of the Dozier System campaign.  Though not always expressly working together, this should give you an idea of the motivation and goals of each army.  When playing games for the campaign, use the spectrum to determine which side you are fighting on.  As is typical with forging things and having narratives, this list is intended to be more of a guide than hard and fast rules so take it and use it as you will.  Don’t let me tell you how to have fun.  Make it yours.

That said, if you would like to use the list below, the design of the list is intended for armies with higher numbers to be more likely to fight for Destruction, while lower numbered armies fight for Preservation.  If you have too many players on one side of the aisle, use the Reversal notes to explain why certain players are fighting on the opposite side of what was originally intended.  

Lines are being drawn in Dozier.  Where do you stand? List of forces after the jump.

  • Space Marines
  • Space Wolves
  • Dark Angels
  • Blood Angels
  • Tyranids
  • Sisters of Battle
  • Orks

  • Eldar
  • Imperial Guard

  • Chaos Space Marines
  • Chaos Daemons
  • Dark Eldar
  • Necrons
  • Grey Knights
  • Tau

Faction:  Tyranids
Dozier Allegiance:  PreservationBackground:  The presence of the Tyranids in the Dozier system is a concealed fact.  Advanced cells of Genestealer cults from Hive Fleet Kraken are operating in the system.  They are based out of the “Celestial Throne” and have infiltrated each of the local planets.  They are starting to develop a firm grip on the system and will do all they can to preserve the resources for a future invasion.  .  
Reversal:  none
(Spectrum Order):  1

Faction:  Space Wolves
Dozier Allegiance:  Preservation
Background:  The Space Wolves are one of the chapters that have arrived in Dozier.  Two Great Companies were returning to Fenris when they received an Astropathic missive from the Great Wolf.  They diverted from their course to attempt to add more glory to their Chapter.  The fury of the wolf descends upon the enemies of Dozier.
Reversal:  none
(Spectrum Order):  2

Faction:  Blood Angels
Dozier Allegiance:  Preservation
Background:  The Blood Angels and a number of their successor chapters have declared a crusade in the Dozier system.  Many of their brothers that were lost to the Black Rage have been sent to give a final good account of themselves. 
Reversal:  none
(Spectrum Order):  3

Faction:  Space Marines
Dozier Allegiance:  Preservation
Background:  The Imperium sent a number of Adeptus Astartes chapters to Dozier in an attempt to save their investment in the system.  Though not all the reinforcements have arrived, the Space Marines make up a core component of those defending Dozier.
Reversal:  Though almost all of the Astartes fight under Malkizadek’s direction, there are some Astartes elements that have chosen to remain autonomous.  A few of these elements, particularly the more zealous orders, follow a more liberal interpretation of their mission to “save” the system.  Some believe that a completely new start is the only way the system can move forward.  Though they fight the forces of Chaos when faced with such opposition, they have also led raids to raze certain Imperial assets.
(Spectrum Order):  4

Faction:  Orks
Dozier Allegiance:  Preservation… loosely

Background:  As the invasion began, the local governor became desperate for reinforcements.  The Imperium was not responding quickly enough for his liking, so out of desperation, he hired a tribe of Blood Axe mercenaries. As the fighting grew more intense, the promise of teef and weapons drew more Orks to the system. They fight for the Imperium because that’s just the side they’ve been fighting on. And Orks love to fight.

Reversal: It is hardly a stretch to say that Orks are an unruly bunch.  Less so to think that perhaps a warband or three did a little bit of extra ‘puhrivatteerin.’
(Spectrum Order): 5

Faction:  Sisters of Battle
Dozier Allegiance:  Preservation
Background:  The Sisters are present at the behest of the Inquisition.  The High Inquisitor has ties to the Eccliesiarchy and they are hoping to ensure that the religious revival that brought Dozier back into the Imperial fold was legitimate.   
Reversal:  Similar to the more zealous Space Marine chapters, an order of the Adeptus Sororitas, acting with their perceived best interest of the system at heart, may have burned their way through parts of a few cities.
(Spectrum Order): 6

Faction:  Dark Angels
Dozier Allegiance:  Preservation… maybe…
Background:  The Dark Angels may or may not have been sighted fighting in the Dozier system. 
Reversal:  They may have been fighting for the alliance… But they may have also attacked a few other strategic locations.  It’s the Dark Angels.  Who can really tell?
(Spectrum Order): 7

Faction:  Eldar
Dozier Allegiance:  Preservation or Destruction
Background: Much of the Eldar’s involvement in the Dozier system is unseen.  They subtly push the war this way and that, hoping to influence the future of their race in their own inscrutable way.  Still, they are having an impact.  A number of cloaked webway portals allow them to strike at targets of opportunity, particularly members of their Warp Spider and Striking Scorpion aspects.
(Spectrum Order): 8

Faction:  Imperial Guard
Dozier Allegiance:  Preservation or Destruction
Background:  When violence broke out in the Dozier system, half the PDF turned out to be aligned with Chaos.  The system’s Guard regiments tore themselves apart.  Meanwhile, both Imperial and Traitor Guard regiments fought on planet surfaces, some even changing allegiances in the middle of the fight.
(Spectrum Order): 9

Faction:  Dark Eldar
Dozier Allegiance: Destruction, but mostly to themselves
Background:  The discord of the Dozier system lends itself to the piratical slave raids of the Dark Eldar.  They do not need an excuse to be cruel, but they love an easy opportunity.
Reversal:  The Dark Eldar are well known for their narcissism.  Though adding to the chaos reigning in the system aligns with their goals, the dark ones will not hesitate to surreptitiously strike against their own side if they believe it can add to their soul count.
(Spectrum Order): 10

Faction: Tau
Dozier Allegiance: Destruction

Background:  The Greater Good, in this case, involves helping clear out the human population of Dozier.  Ever pragmatic, the Tau know that destroying the Dozier system would economically weaken the worlds to the East, making them much easier to usurp.  It really is that simple for the Tau.  Expand and absorb, even if your erstwhile allies seem slightly dangerous.

Reversal:  Of course, pragmatism may always alter course.  A significant trade offer or diplomatic gesture could influence the Tau to rebalance the scales of what is in their interest.
(Spectrum Order): 11

Faction:  Necrons
Dozier Allegiance: Destruction
Background:  The Necrons care not for the blood of the humans spilled.  They only want to cleanse the area they currently inhabit of pesky mortals.  All will be as it once was.
Reversal:  none
(Spectrum Order): 12

Faction:  Chaos Daemons
Dozier Allegiance: Destruction
Background:  Unsurprisingly, the Daemons of Chaos hope to spread discord in the Dozier system.   More interestingly, servants of minor Chaos gods seem to have flocked to the system in a higher proportion than the typical customers of destruction.  Daemons, the likes of which no men have ever seen, now walk across the mortal realm, spreading fear and malice.
Reversal:  none
(Spectrum Order): 13

Faction:  Chaos Space Marines
Dozier Allegiance:  Destruction
Background:  A number of Chaos factions are driving much of the action against Dozier.  These elements are extremely diverse.  Old hatreds drove the initial invasion.  The Word Bearers and Death Guard sought to destroy the system to hurt the enemy.  Various piratical factions are also circling as they smell blood in the water.  The Dark Mechanicum are also present, seeking to rip as much of the infrastructure out of Dozier as they can.
Reversal:  none
(Spectrum Order):14

Faction: Grey Knights
Dozier Allegiance: Destruction
Background:  The Grey Knights in the Dozier system are what is left of the Divine Wrath’s crew.  They are something… other…  After a Geller Field failure in transit, the Knights performed a cleansing ritual known as The Binding, which drove out the Daemons, but took a terrible toll.   The only truly living brother that remains is a single Librarian fused to a Dreadknight chassis who now directs the Grey Knight force with his mind.  The remainder are barely more than automatons, bound to the current universe by their own will until they carry out their last mission for the Emperor.   They will see Dozier purged.
Reversal:  none
(Spectrum Order):15


  1. Question Two:
    Do you have a name for the "single Librarian fused to a Dreadknight chassis"

    Our 2 Grey Knight Players will try to make it:
    Name, Background, Characteristic and points.

  2. Hi! The spectrum order simply shows you on a sliding scale where that faction sits in the overall scheme of things. 1 is all the way saving the system, 15 is all the way destroying it.

    We will be posting up quite a bit of information regarding the Grey Knight faction specifics. Stay tuned :) Our information right now is just fluff though. If you'd like to contribute ideas for the model in game, please do!