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The War Torn Dozier System

Every campaign needs a good setting.  Here, we present a number of larger locations that exist within the Dozier system.  While these represent many of the chief places in the system, they are not the only ones of significance.  Feel free to submit your own ideas for the many moons, asteroids, and other celestial phenomena that exist.

Not to scale. Planet size based on political importance.

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Name:  Strausheim
Categorization: Planet (4th), Hab-world
Landmass: 64%
Information: Strausheim is the main population hub of the Dozier system.  This planet provides much of the labor done in the system, exporting manpower to other planets in the system with harsher mortality rates.  Manufacturing is also key to the world.  The PDF, the Strausheim Foxes, also provides cover to other planets, ready to ride to their rescue at a moment’s notice.  Within the Hives, crime is thought to be under control, though the occasional outbreak of plague is common.  Recent crackdowns by the Governor over timetables and working conditions have increased strife, though the Imperium waits for no man, as it tries to get Dozier back into shape for its increased trade.

Name:  Tauros Space Station
Categorization:   Star Fort (orbits Strausheim), Artificial
Landmass:  N/A
Information: Bristling with big guns, the Tauros Space Station is a bastion of once proud military might. When Dozier was previously a key location for the Imperium, three separate Marine Chapters housed a company at Tauros.  As the impact of the system waned, these companies were slowly reassigned, piece by piece as other needs arose elsewhere.  Now a token garrison of three Black Bulls’ squads calls the station home.  Though the military needs are now more pressing, politics has played too big a part in attempting to gain the rights to these new billets, which has slowed the flow of permanent reinforcements.  This made the initial Dozier attacks so devastating, and now a much greater force needs to be gathered to repel the invaders.

Name:  Chordata III 
Categorization:  Planet (2nd), Waterworld
Landmass:  10%
Information:  Planet functions as an agri-world, growing a versatile strain of kelp.  The kelp can be used as the main ingredient in a nutrient rich paste that sustains much of the local population and beyond, as well as being refined into bio-promethium.  The alternative fuel requires some modification of the vehicles it gets used in, but is extremely renewable.

Name:  Lush
Categorization:  Planet (3rd), Pleasure World
Landmass:  67%
Information:  Lush is a former pleasure world of the Dozier system.  During the time of great affluence, when wealth was flowing through the system, the noble lords of the cartels desired some place to get away from their subjects, hoping to put them even further underneath their feet than even the highest spires.  At a great cost they geo-engineered Lush, a death world that hung in the system, to become the emerald crown of their achievements.  The forests, plains, and rivers were carefully manicured and sleek rail systems took each monarch from one themed palace to the next.  After Dozier’s economic collapse, Lush quickly reverted to its natural state.  Unchecked by kill teams, the predators reemerged with a vengeance, killing off any humans that strayed from safety, even overrunning a number of the less fortified mansions.  With things in such a state of disarray, the only value Lush has lays in the remains of the nobles’ hubris.  As belief began to fall away from the Emperor, nobles became more and more fascinated with the arcane, building summoning circles and synthetic crystal arrangements.  For some, rather than travel through space as mere mortals do, they chose to build incredibly elegant teleportation devices in an effort to emulate the Eldar.  These portals are hardwired to lead to a number of key points throughout the system.  Falling into the wrong hands would be devastating for the Alliance.

Name: Janus
Categorization: Planet (1st), Mining World
Landmass:  82%
Information:  The two faced planet hangs close to the system’s star.  Its slow rotation means an extended period of exposure causes the sunward side to melt into a molten hellscape.  On the reverse, there is no respite given by a seemingly everlasting night on the far side of the planet and the liquid crust refreezes into jagged tundra.  Neither side of the planet is permanently habitable, but that has not stopped the cartels of Strausheim from maintaining mining operations on the surface.  As the planet passes into darkness, giant trawlers harvest the cooling minerals before they become completely solid again.  It is incredibly dangerous work, but progress waits for no man, and hivers are pressganged into work.  

Name:  Gio
Categorization:  Asteroid, Barren
Landmass:  100%
Information:  Between the fourth and fifth planetary orbits lies a pocket of asteroids.  The origin of the pocket is unknown, but the strongest theory is that it is the remains of a small moon that has been moved to its current location by synthetic means.  This theory is also used to explain why the pocket does not revolve around the local sun, though conspiracies abound as to why that is.

Name:  Crassus
Categorization: Moon (orbits Strausheim), Barren
Landmass: 100%
Information: Crassus’ only information of note is that it houses the primary astropath for the system.  It is well protected underneath the shadow of Tauros, because extinguishing the beacon would triple transit time through the warp canal at a minimum.   

Name:  The Celestial Throne
Categorization: Space Hulk (drifting), Artificial
Landmass: N/A
Information:  A drifting mass of old ships, the Throne has been sitting unmolested in the system for millennia.  The massive number of ships in transit through the system means there is a steady supply of new flotsam to feed the beasts appetite.  One such ship includes the Pax Testudo, with all hands lost.  These crews also secretly feed the ranks of genestealer cults that are based out of the Throne.  Drifting around the Throne is a large contingent of the Forces of Destruction.  The rig provides protection and the corsairs have been running salvage operations and prepping the hulk with orbital defenses.  They obviously intend for it to be their bastion and are digging in for a long fight.  

Name:  Genesis
Categorization:  Planet (5th), Cathedral World
Landmass:  82%
Information:  Genesis is the outermost world of the Dozier system.  It was the landing point for the missionary barge that started Dozier’s Great Awakening.  It may not be the most valuable target, but the religious significance is no small matter to the loyal inhabitants of the system.  Should it fall to the darkness, it will be taken as a great loss by the people.

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