Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Keys to Victory: Dozier Update

The Keys to VictoryDue to fresh intelligence received by the Forces of Destruction on Lush, a mobile strike team is in motion towards the location of a keyset for one of the teleportation devices now hidden in the regrown jungles. Astropathic chatter intercepted by the Alliance of Preservation has a rapid response team deploying to stop them. It is a race to salvage the right pieces that will get the machines working again.

After the jump you will find the rules for playing the Keys to Victory mission for round 1 of the Dozier campaign. There is also an introduction video of Ryan and Brandon's first test game for the mission pitting Chaos Space Marines against Blood Angels.

Please note the mission was not 100% developed, and in fact was designed with notes from the game played.

UPDATE: Here is where you go to submit your own battle reports.

The Keys to Victory

Armies:  Both sides choose a force to an agreed upon points limit.  Because this is a fight between two fast striking reconnaissance forces, both players may include an extra fast attack choice at the expense of a heavy support slot, and neither player may include a fortification.

The Battlefield:  Due to the nature of Lush, all forests follow the rules for Carnivorous Forests.  All water features follow the rules for Dark Waters*.  Players should set up three objectives along the center line, 24" from the long board edges.  One should be in the exact center and the others should be 24" away on either side.  Ensure that there is a way to distinguish between objectives, I.E. Red/white/blue, one/two/three, etc.

Deployment:  Before deploying write the identifying feature of each objective on pieces of paper.  Each player should randomly choose one, keeping their result secret.  Then, both players should roll for their warlord traits (if they agree to do so) and then deploy according to the Dawn of War deployment.

First Turn:  The player who deployed his army goes first unless his opponent can Seize the Initiative.

Game Length:  The mission uses Variable Game Length.

Victory Conditions:  Before the game begins, discuss with your opponent if you are playing Pure Narrative or a 
Competitive Game.  If you choose to play Pure Narrative, your objective is to secure both the correct artifacts.  There are no victory points. You will simply succeed or fail in the task set before you by your self/commander/daemonic overlord. In a Competitive Game, each real objective is worth three victory points.

Secondary objectives are in play, as normal.  In addition, players receive one victory point for each enemy elite unit that has been completely destroyed.  Units that are falling back at the end of the game, and units that are not on the board at the end of the game, count as being destroyed for the purposes of this mission.

Mission Special Rules:  Night Fighting, Reserves

The Artifacts:  Each objective functions exactly like a Relic in the BRB mission The Relic.

The Trusted Elite:  Unlike other missions, in The Keys of Victory, your elite units are scoring units.

Dark WatersRoll each time a unit enters, exits, or spends a movement phase in a river, pond, or marsh.
1-3Placid Waters:  Treat as normal water… for now
4Fish Frenzy:  The unit takes 2D6 S3 AP- hits with no cover saves allowed.  (Multiple Hits)
5That’s Not a Log:  One model in the unit must pass a Strength test or be removed from play with no armor or cover saves allowed.    To determine which model takes the test, if the unit enters the river this turn, it will be the first model placed in it.  If the unit exits the river this turn, it will be the last model removed from the river.  If none or both conditions exist, the controlling player may choose.  (One hit)  
6Indigenous Symbiotic Bacteria: Every model in the river must make an armor save.  If the number of failed saves exceeds half the number of models in the unit, each model loses one Toughness for the remainder of the game, but adds +1 Initiative and Attack.  (Game Effect)  

As promised, an introductory video to our first Battle Report. I would have had the whole thing done, but man, video editing can take forever!

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